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Mobile App & Web

Download the Pay iO business account app via the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Small Businesses

Get bank payments directly from your customers, and manage your transactions and expenses all in one place.

Big Businesses

Send and receive global payments, and conveniently manage you account. Reduce administrative time and effort.

Modern Convenience

Get a digital wallet, dedicated bank details and a Business card, all hassle free and fully online.

Currency Exchange

You always get the real mid-market rate, there’s just one low fee to exchange currencies.

Global Payments

Fast and simple multi-currency bank transfers. Our global network means you have an account everywhere.

Streamlined Payment Service

Add the item to the Cart/Basket
Proceed to Checkout
Select Pay iO – Pay With Bank
Connect to Your Banking App
Click Confirm Payment
Order Complete, Quick, Easy and Secure

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Approve Payment Using Your Biometrics

Biometric authentication provides a secure and uncrackable access control solution that doesn’t expose your information to cybercriminals. No one can leave their keys somewhere or tell someone else their password.

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Rapid Onboarding Keeping Things Simple

Faster onboarding means you can be set up to start processing payments in 24 hours rather than weeks

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What is Pay With Bank?

Pay With Bank enables payments to be made directly from your online banking or mobile bank app without the need to enter card details or sign up to any e-wallets or apps. By integrating Pay iO – Pay With Bank at checkout, businesses can request the payments directly on their website.

How long does a payment take to deposit using Pay With Bank?

Payments are usually confirmed and deposited instantly. However some payments may take up until the end of the next working day subject to bank checks.

How do I know a payment has been completed?

You will receive a notification once the payment has been sent and is on clearing house.

What are the limits for payments?

Pay iO currently has no payment limits however there will be limits that are in place with the payer’s bank account.

How many payments can be made using the card-less checkout?

You can accept as many payments as your business requires.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for individuals/consumers. Businesses are charged on a transaction fee which is a fraction of the cost of card fees – please ask us for details as we will need to set you up with an account.

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